Resources for current clients

We've compiled some helpful resources, such as videos of how to electronically sign documents sent  to you via email by our most commonly used wholesale lenders/investors and banks, as well as a "how to" on saving bank transaction summary statements to a PDF document (with the banks website address saved at the bottom of each page). Please scroll down this page to find the resourse you need.


HOW TO e-consent and e-sign documents, from emails sent to you by your new lender


These videos are intended to help you with the process of e-signing and e-viewing documents, for the lenders we work with that clients sometimes indicate they need some guidance with. We'll be adding more resources like this as they become available to us.

If you are at the beginning stages of your loan (you just took application), then you'll need to e-consent and e-sign various disclosures from our mortgage partners. Please click on the links or videos below, for the Lender  specific to your loan, to view helpful directions on how to do each of their processes correctly.


FLAGSTAR BANK: How to E-sign Initial Disclosures (if you have any problems, you can call the lender at 866-945-9872 & press 3)

ORION LENDING: How to E-sign Initial Disclosures (if you have any problems, call the lender at 844-306-7466)

IMPORTANT: with Orion Lending, your "authorization code" is your current 5 digit zipcode

HOW TO Print to Screen and save to PDF (with website address at the bottom of each page)

When we request a document, such as a transaction summary from your bank (when a current statement is not yet available), we need you to print the webpage you're viewing to a PDF file. This is commonly known as "Print to Screen". When done correctly, each page of the document will show the website's address at the bottom of each page of the PDF document. It must be done this way. Lenders and banks won't accept a screen shot, or photos of the webpage from your phone.


Please click on the PDF icon below to view a PDF document that explains the simple steps necessary to do the Print to Screen correctly, on any device, so that what you're viewing online is saved to a PDF with the web address at the bottom of each page of the document.

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