Our "Lowest Rate Guarantee" terms and conditions

  1. Run a quote on our website www.BestMortgageRateGuaranteed.com and apply online. You can sign up for rate alerts by using the "Mortgage Rate" widget found on the home page at the top of the web page. You can receive alerts on rates, and lock in to one when you decide it's best to.

  2. If you find a lower rate, on the day we lock your rate in, provide us with a Loan Estimate from any lender. If our rates and company fees, for the same program and rate, are not lower than the competitor, we will make every effort to match the competitor’s rate and fees, or be better than theirs.

  3. If we are not able to match the competitor’s rate and fees, on the same type of loan (it must be the same in regards to being fixed or an adjustable, and if it's an adjustable it must be an ARM with the same fixed period, margin, and caps), simply provide us with a copy of your final closing statement to confirm that the loan closed with the competing lender with the exact same terms quoted in their Loan Estimate that you provided us with. After closing, we will send you a check for $500.

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